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Pieter Bart Korthuis



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Pieter Bart Korthuis (1971) completed Dutch Film and Television Academy in 1994. He further expanded on his knowledge of film and storytelling by studying documentary in Mexico City at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica. Korthuis started his professional career as a screenwriter/director with producer/director Johan Nijenhuis on the TV series Costa! (2000). Other hit-series he wrote and developed include ‘Keyzer en de Boer Advocaten’, about a lawfirm in Amsterdam, ‘Verborgen Gebreken’, a dramedy about young real estate agents and ‘Penoza’ (= Red Widow) which centers around the Dutch mafia. ‘Penoza’ was nominated for the most prestigious screenplay award in Holland - the LIRA scenarioprijs 2011 - and is now entering its second season. ‘Penoza’ is being remade in the USA for ABC television and is being adapted by Melissa Rosenberg (the Twilight Saga). It has also been remade for Canal + Poland with great success. Korthuis was the key conceptual writer and was responsible for the character arcs and overall storylines, as well as overseeing the other writers. A Dutch publisher commissioned Korthuis to novelize ‘Penoza.’ This novelization was nominated for the Best Thriller Debut 2010.

Korthuis has written a number of screenplays for feature films, such as ‘The Strongest Man in Holland’ (with co-writer Maarten Lebens), which won numerous international prizes such as  Winner Prix D’europe 2011 – best television drama, Best Screenplay 2011 – children’s festival Hyderabad and was nominates for the prestigious Rose d’or 2012. ‘Bennie Stout’ a childrens’ movie about Sinterklaas (Dutch Santa Claus) and Taartman (Pie Man), a crime comedy, about a pastry shop owner who gets involded in a drug deal.

Korthuis lives and works in Amsterdam, is married and has two daughters.

  Work in progress      
  Penoza III:  

third season of the crimeseries Penoza. The
second season will premiere November 2012 on Dutch Television (KRO)


Feature films

  Gek van Oranje:   a romantic ensemble comedy about a country going crazy during the football world cup 2014 in Brasil (in production)  
  Voordat de Bom Valt:   a musical based on the hits of the most popular Dutch band of the eighties, Doe Maar. (in production)  

Oorlog zonder Vrienden:


adaptation of the the children’s novel by Evert Hartman, about the son of a Nazi collaborator, who has to choose which side he is on during World War II




Penoza (2009/2012):  



Concept/Screenplay (co-writers: Franky Ribbens, Elbe Stevens, Maarten Lebens, Karin van der Meer)
Crimeseries directed by Diederik van Rooyen (KRO/NL FILM)
Summary: a widow of an assassinated criminal is forced to adopt her husband's role in a crime syndicate in order to protect her family.


The Strongest Man in Holland (2011):

Childrens’ movie


screenplay (together with Maarten Lebens)
Telefilm directed by Mark de Cloe

Summary: Twelve year old Luuk Bos has grown up thinking that his dad is the strongest man in the world. Because this is what his (single) mother Dorien used to tell him when he was little. When a strongman competition comes to town, Luuk decides to go looking for his dad.

Bennie Stout (2011):

Childrens’ movie 


Screenplay (co-written by Maarten Lebens and Wijo Koek) Directed by Johan Nijenhuis
Summary: In Holland parents used tell their children that if they don’t behave, Sinterklaas will take them to Spain on his boat. For most kids this is a very scary idea. For 9 year old Bennie, however, it’s exactly what he wants because he wants to go to his dad who works as a fisherman in Spain. All he has to do is misbehave…


Taartman (2009):



Directed by Annemarie van de Mond
Summary: a pastry shop owner gets in serious trouble when he decides to get involved in a drug deal to solve his financial problems..


And other titels such as: Keyzer en de Boer Advocaten, Verborgen Gebreken, Spangas – the movie and Costa!-the series.


The book PENOZA can be purchased through Ambo/Anthos publishers: